The Trio Miosko consists of Miria Sailer (violin), Sophia Schulz (cello) and Stephan Goldbach (double bass), and deliberately combines existing scores with original arrangements. This Middle Franconian ensemble draws inspiration from a dynamic combination of musical genres, including new music, free improvisation, classical chamber music and traditional jazz, to form a distinct melodic language all of its own.

Miria Sailer is involved in a number of orchestras that reimagine new ways of performing classical music. She takes great interest in interdisciplinary projects of many kinds and performs with the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, Heidenheim Opera Festival, Federal Youth Ballet Hamburg, Theater Pfütze, Ensemble Kontraste, Chamber Orchestra M18 and Ensemble Reflektor. Sailer has a Masters of Music in violin having studied in Hanover, Nuremberg and Würzburg. She won both the International Concert Dramaturgy Competition in Feldkirch with Ensemble Franktale, and the YEHUDI MENUHIN –Live Music Now – Verein Scholarship. She is cultural mediator of the Mozart Laboratory at the Mozartfest Würzburg and a member of the Orchestra Academy of the Lucerne Festival at the Grafenegg Campus.

Who wouldn’t agree that the cello, with its wide ambitus, multi-faceted timbres and technical possibilities, has the flexibility to fulfill many musical roles? The cellist Sophia Schulz combines diverse musical genres to create unique sound, customized to each ensemble she performs in. Trained as a classical musician at the Hochschule für Musik Nuremberg with Prof. Markus Wagner, she completed her studies with a focus on Jazz with Prof. Steffen Schorn. Her special interest in interdisciplinary projects is reflected in her work with the Theater Pfütze and the Nö Theater Köln. Schulz was awarded the YEHUDI MENUHIN –Live Music Now – Verein Scholarship and the Deutschlandstipendium and has been a member of the board of the Orchestra Ventuno since 2020.

For Stephan Goldbach, playing bass has always been an essential part of life. He studied jazz and new music in Saarbrücken and Arnheim and has been based in Nuremberg since 2018. He has performed in a number of ensembles including Duo LouLou, Contwee Dance Collective: ZEIT:LOS, and international modern jazz collective MichelMeis4tet, demonstrating the great inspiration he draws from cross-disciplinary exchange.